Fluffed. A nice, cute, memorable name for a cafe serving just waffles. This cafe is situated in Taman Paramount, around 15 minutes drive from Sunway University. Reaching there, you could detect the warm smell of bakery and waffles once you open the door.

It’s a rather simple concept cafe: spacious and great ambience of chatters and soulful music. A great place for a family or friends outing/hangout after a meal, where you could really chitchat away. So it’s not exactly a great place for cafe-studying.

You could even sit by the glass window and look out. A great place to sit and stare at people waking by, probably observing how people walk, living their day.

A very simple and foldable menu, fitting the simple concept of the cafe even more. The prices listed are rather standard, ranging from RM9 to RM 22, excluding GST. The cashier and waitress we’re rather for friendly and often smiling, which is a really great characteristics of the café. They somewhat created a warm feeling for the customers when taking order.

So my friends ended up deciding on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’. Classic stories to name after their waffles.

The waffles came out of the kitchen fast, with just around 10-15 minutes.


Yummy and fresh waffles!

Alice in Wonderland. Topped with strawberries and blueberries, along with a vanilla mixed lavendar taste ice-cream. The ice-cream something unique,  and refreshingly different taste. It’s not just the smooth texture of vanilla, the aroma of lavendar fills up the inside your mouth.

Something new and different because none of us tasted such a mixture of ice-cream. Quoted from my roommate, ‘It tasted like lavendar shampoo, and a little artificial feeling’. However, I think Fluffed’s chef made it well done.

Red Riding Hood. Topped with strawberries and jam, with a half strawberry, half vanilla icecream. If you love strawberry flavour,  this is the right waffles for you.
Overall, the buttermilk waffles are soft but crunchy on the crust. Soaking it with the melting ice-cream (probably my habit when I eat waffles), the taste of the icecream mixed with the texture of the buttermilk waffles,  10/10 would recommend. And the icecream given was a big scoop!
Go check out Fluffed! It won’t be a disappointment, I promise.