89g of hot stuff right there

Hey guys, I’m going to write something I had never bothered writing before, and that’s food review! So what triggered me to write a review on something that is recently HOT and SPICY?

Because it’s Maggi all new, huge packaging, Hot Mealz!


First Impression: This new line of Maggi does looked a little like Mamee Chef’s instant cup noodles because of it’s big sized. Nonetheless, easy to differentiate and now on promotion at RM2.90 (Bought in AEON btw)! Honestly, I really thought it’s gonna be filling compared to the usual hot cup that I always have for supper.

What’s Maggi Hot Mealz? It’s a new range of bowl segment instant noodles that Nestle has recently entered since last year. Currently, the range consist of Kari Kari Kaw and Kari Laksa Ayam, with both made with 12 spices. Compared to it’s competitors in the bowl segment instant noodles, Maggi Hot Mealz can definitely be seen as the cheaper alternative, check it out yourself when you go to the instant noodles shelf 🙂

Cheaper? Value for money? Let’s find out :

The nutrition content listed on the product

To all you health conscious peeps that want to know what and how much goes into your body, here’s the nutrition content read up.

First, you take out the plastic. Then, you tear out the cover.

I was surprised that the cover isn’t aluminium like Maggi’s usual hot cup. In fact, it’s in paper/plastic form. Also, it took a little time trying to get the lid out because the glue was pretty strong. Nevertheless, you don’t have to tear the lid extra carefully like the aluminium ones that are much fragile.

Inside the bowl, there’s 3 small packages of seasonings.

For Kari Kari Kaw, there’s 3 packages of seasonings. But for Kari Laksa Ayam, there are 4 packages of seasonings. Inside, it wasn’t what I expected from a big bowl. Take a look below, do you notice the depth between the lid and the noodle? When I looked at it, I felt sad. Because I’m sure I’m going to need to have a second round of Hot Mealz noodle to fill me up for lunch. Even though the depth is rather deep, sometimes we have to bear in mind that, all instant cup noodles are like that. Try pushing down the noodles when you open a cup of instant noodles next time!

Let’s take a look with the three seasonings:


The curry powder. Yas, pour it gurl.

First, we poured the curry powder. The unbeatable and authentic Maggi curry powder that we all love. The powder that we would definitely know it’s Maggi’s whenever we smell it in our Maggi Goreng and when someone decided to put it as one of the seasonings for any dishes.

Garnishing dem nuuuudleeessss

I’m not sure what’s inside the garnishes. Besides spring onions…I’m not sure what are those flakes are. But they tasted okay. I’ll just assume it’s edible because it’s Maggi. Yeah, Maggi, I have faith in you.

Then, we squeezed the oil all over the seasonings.


Yasssss. Look at that beauty.

Honestly, I’m not too sure the “right” way to cook instant cup noodles, but I usually pour in the seasonings first so that the hot water could diffuse the seasonings with the water, then it will be instant soup! I do know some of the people around me pours hot water first only then the seasonings, but you do you because Maggi instant noodles taste good any ways! 😀

Typical Malaysian cooking instant cup noodles

We really had to put something to cover the lid because it kept curling up unlike aluminium lids. But it’s fine, because as Malaysians, we cook our instant noodles like that. And it’s practical.


Look at that good stuffs. The noodles are springy as usual, and the soup, tasted just like the Maggi Kari Hot Cup. I thought it’s going to be kari kaw like Chinese people always say 99. But the spice is really tolerable and I didn’t really taste any differences compared to the Kari Hot Cup.

The garnishes are nice, but I legit still do not know what’s the cereal flakes looking thing. Maybe it’s onion?

It’s a great study partner too!

I may have a big appetite when it comes to food, so I really didn’t feel full after finishing this bowl of Maggi. I even drank finished the last drop of soup and people are gonna think that I will be losing my hair the next day but nah, I’m all good.

If I were to have this for supper (as usual), then yeah, I would definitely be satisfied. And if I was able to cook eggs in university, and put it in this bowl of awesomeness, it would have tasted even better. As a university student who is somewhat poor and love noodles, I would really recommend Hot Mealz or any Maggi instant cup noodles as your study partner at night or lunch or anytime you crave for it.


Do drop by the comments if you want me to do a review on Kari Laksa Ayam. Or you could totally buy it now at RM2.90!