Finally recalled that I should be updating this. To those that have been following my blog, if I’m a little obsessed with Maybank stuffs, I’m sorry. I’m actually not, it’s just somehow I tend to associate with Maybank 😅💕
Maybank Career Cracker is an event that is meant for graduates or upcoming graduates to attend where activities such as sharing sessions from different departments (HR, Legal, Risk, Technology, etc), personality test, ice breaking, and business case studies. It’s a rather refreshing thing to attend such an event because of the activities. Finally something out of the book and its free!
So let’s talk about the whole day.
Han Cen and I begin our journey to Menara Maybank around 8am, by the time we reached the venue, it’s already 9.30am ish. As usual, we head to the registration area and gotten our group number. I got Group 7 and Group 4 (2nd session).

So I went to grab breakfast then meet my group mates, which I’m the last to arrive.

This is a photo of my group mates and me, smiling broadly with bihun inside my mouth. There’s a plate hidden below the table as well. The things we do for photos right… Spot me! Haha
Anyway, we instantly became friends within minutes which is a really nice start. There’s another two Maybank scholars with me, the girl sitting beside me is MunLin’s friend from Uni of Melbourne. She’s cool. Like damn cool. I wanted to tell her I really liked her lipstick but I didn’t cos I’m so shy haih. And there’s another two dude that’s from Monash Uni as well.

The event begin with giving each team the business case study, opening speech, then ice breaking. I regretted not reading the business case before anything. Throughout the whole day there weren’t much time to read the whole thing.

We were shown our personality breakdowns, using the results of the personality test we have done before coming to the event. I gotten EFJL something like that. I don’t remember. But the personalities breakdown presentation was not at all helpful.

Then, we were given 10 minutes to begin the business case study. With nothing prepared, we have to quickly sort out our positions, i.e. CEO, COO, CFO, CTO,etc. I got CEO, thanks to PeyYing. And I regretted.

Within minutes, two ladies playing their characters from the business case approached us for the ‘discussion’. It was so hardcore, so stressful, because we knew nothing from the business case. It was a waste of their time and I even asked them to just give us like 5 minutrs to discuss a little bit more but they shot us back with, “You asked us to come here on a Saturday morning and you’re unprepared?”

….My feedback for the event was give us the case study beforehand. I felt helpless with my position, even though Farah has been the one leading the whole team instead of me. I’m not complaining. But it does make me question how much I need to improve myself in terms of communication and approaching the real problem in situations.

Look at me being insecured. I was such a childish brat.

The session ended pretty fast and we had to proceed to the next session, which is going into the 2nd session group. This session is a sharing session from a person who has gotten the same personality test with you. I’m not sure how legit they do it haha. The leader I met is under Investment Banking, handling bonds and money market products. Eyeopening? Very. But there are certain aspects which he had coated with white lies to make it sound nice. I may not be a professional in any ways, but interning in Maybank for almost two months and counting makes you think about life.

Then, it’s sharing session between the leaders of different departments. This session is quite a handful to learn, lots of exposure on different departments. It makes me think, back in high school we were so confined to the few jobs like, banker, accounting, pharmacist, doctor, engineer, etc. If I had the chance to attend this event back then, I might have branch out to HR instead of just finance. That’s why I felt that this is a different experience which I truly appreciate, and thanks to Han Cen for inviting me though I did complained about waking up early on a Saturday haha

After lunch, we continued the second session of the business case study. Which is something to do with obtaining a loan from the bank. Indeed this is a hard process, and thanks to PeyYing, her brilliance in planning and organizing her thoughts, we managed to pull through without great hassle. We didn’t pass the stage actually. But damn, I learned so much from her. I want to try to be as brilliant as her too.

The third session of the case study, was doing a press conference. So basically the executive committees of the team has to do a press conference with the ‘reporters’. Shit was hard to deal. So many questions to the point it’s a tad uncomfortable and unreasonable already. But isn’t this what a press conference about? Asking questions until you panic? That’s where we lost. The trick to answering a press conference is to hold on to your stance and never sway. Never promise unnecessarily. 

That’s about the event already. After this session, there’s another humorous session where each team acts out each other’s team apology letter to the public. It was great entertainment. Then it’s award ceremony ~~ Han cen’s group won! Congrats! And they have no idea how they did it too hahaha

Which goes back to my another feedback to them: If possible, do let us participants know how the evaluations were made and based on what criterias. We all came here to this event to learn, but we don’t have many chances to attend such an event for us to trial and error. Hence, it would be really appreciated if we could know how we were evaluated and what aspect to improve on.

But overall, I learnt that its true that is GenY has been a little overly obsessed on getting the best of both worlds when it comes to career.

Woke life balance, for instance, is not something young people should demand once we graduate. That’s why we put marriage on hold until we are actually career stable. That’s why work hard, relax later. It takes years of sacrifice to enjoy years of returns.
To anyone reading this, just go for this event when you have the chance 🙂