I don’t remember what was it that I wanted to share on my blog. Then I realized there is this app called Notes that I should be using to store all my little thoughts that just pop out of my head before I forget everything. I’m planning to update about internship once I’m done. 

For now, the things that has been going on are… 

1. Internship 

2. Family stuffs

3. Bangkok to CNY! I’ll share my itenery when I’m back to share the experience 🙂 

4. Errr…. Once I’m home, I somehow ended up missing everyone :p
That’s about it. 
I really legit don’t remember what to write. But January is coming to an end, time really flies. Ah.. I’ll talk about January. 
Overall, January has been good to me. 

I get to attend events and friends outings. I get to catch up with people whom I haven’t seen for a while. Anxiety and depression is pretty much a routine to me but still… 


2NE1 disbanded even though its been a while already but, they released their final song together called “GoodBye”. It’s on my playlist which I listen to it everyday. I miss 2NE1 for a long time and now that they’d released the song. I lost the motivation to update the fansite. It’s not that I don’t love the member individually but the fact that there is no more 2NE1 to look forward to, I’m a tad lost with the fansite. I still update once a day but that’s pretty much it. Meanwhile, I’d been fangirling Amber Liu for quite some time. Hehe. Amber~~~ *dreams* but let’s be real, Wonder Girls disbanded. F(x) won’t take too long either. In the end, the strongest one is SNSD. But this is just what I think it may happen, please don’t take me seriously. 
After all, the things that I love, always end. Nothing last forever, as Dara said before. 
I’m currently at home chilling on the first day of CNY. I want to play Sims but that would be not spending family time right? I reread my favorite mangas like KaiChou wa Maid Sama and Black Cat. I should ask May Xuan or MunLin or Joyen or Candice for some new anime/manga to chase and add into my fave list. But… Ah.. I can’t bring myself to fangirl again. It’s so tiring… But I love it lol. 

Kaichou wa Maid sama is a cliche, love story in high school which personally, if you’re not rich you can’t do whatever they did in the story. It’s unrealistic of course. But I can never let go of this manga is simply because the conversations are funny and dorky. The skinship between the main characters are not too crazy or obscene, but rather decent as any couples would do. Like how they ended up kissing after doing something or after some thing happened.. Am I going too detailed? You get what I mean. It’s more realistic I guess in terms of physical contact between couple. Reading this makes me miss boo more 😦 
Black Cat is my all time fav. I just don’t get bored of it. I may be queer, but I really love the Train Heartnet. Like how cool he is, just like a black cat haha. Okay I’ll stop.