How was 2016 to you?

It was a roller coaster, it was either a peak or rock bottom;

2016 to me, despite the many events that are indescribable in simple words however in extremity, it is more like an escalation to something greater. Greater in the sense of both good and bad. Welcoming the new year, 2017.

Yes, I might be seen as a negative person for thinking about how grey my life is. They said dark clouds come and late r the rainbow will follow. 2016 is like an escalator to 2017, bringing all the good and bad to a whole new level.

Why not we count our blessings instead of being such a typical whiny Millennial as all older generation described us as?

  • January: I got kicked out of the house for the first time. I discovered myself, the people around me, the potential realized, the environment… It all felt different all of a sudden.
  • February: Our family of four went to Perth to visit our aunt. It was an amazing and eye-opening trip, our first overseas trip together. But as usual, even the smallest whispers behind my back are heard.
  • March: The beginning of a whole new semester, First Year Second Semester. Driven with confidence that I can strive for another semester of great results. Classes with friends, meeting new people which later pretty much became hi-bye friends or merely just course mates. A whole new event in the university life.
  • April: While the family drama continues once a while, I did not enjoy going home during the weekend. But I have to initiate a new activity to bring the family somehow close again, lunches every Sunday afternoon. A good idea, but was later realized, not appreciated. The peak of the semester as assignments landed one by one, mid-semester tests, activities, and event coverage. It was very busy.
  • May: The semester is ending, sadly. I remembered counting down the weeks and days as I look at my calendar repeatedly. I was anxious that the semester is ending so fast. The feeling of losing grasp in everything was always there, and as expected, I did not do well for my finals.
  • June: I took around two weeks off to hang out with my friends. We went on a trip to Penang. I did not work for this one month-ish break, I was more into “personal development” and giving time to myself. I still go home, but there was a lot of pretending. Plenty of grounds to not touch, not wanting to create more dramas.
  • July: I recalled counting down to the beginning of a new semester. Night Skype calls with friends, talking about nonsense before going to sleep. Motivation to get through the day is to get the new semester coming. I remembered planning a lot for the upcoming semester, what to do and what not.
  • August: Brand new semester, brand new experiences! A coursemate approached me to be in the run for the next student committee as the Editor. Of course, I was thrilled. I met new people, learning to deal with different types of personalities: obnoxious ones, ambitious ones, crazy ones, whiny ones, sporting ones….
  • September: The month of elections, assignment, activities…everything came flooding in. Practices and training for the Monash Cup was ongoing as much as possible, and how was I chosen as the women’s captain?! It was an amazing experience, being a captain has its own troubles but nonetheless, I have gotten closer to my comrades.
  • October: Results of the election were out, we made it, but some of us didn’t. It was regrettable that a few great potentials were eliminated, however the friendship reigned. Everyone now turn their focus on their studies instead, preparing for the finals.
  • November: Caffeine drilled into many of our bloodstreams as we studied hardcore till the late night. Note taking, memorizing formulas and facts, understanding the concept…The efforts were not completely at waste. And then, I took another two weeks off, before beginning my internship.
  • December: For some reason, I got kicked out of the house again by people who claimed to love me. Hypocrisy and lies were at its best; ego and selfishness at its peak. Grey skies everyday, with rays of sunshine peeping through once a while. Beginning with internship, being exposed to the corporate world, it is a dark world outside. Growing up pain, realizing more things, boosting myself, and maturing into a whole new level. Future planning is not as simple as it is.

And we’re now on the first page of 2017.

Deep in my heart while typing this, from my broken heart and grey skies in my mind, the sunshine that repeatedly coming out were those who has always remembered me, stayed for me, hang in there just for me.

Thank you everyone,  you know who you are. The physically closest ones, the emotionally closest one, the deep connections we have together no matter where we are, the ones that we don’t talk much and yet never leave, the ones that left, the ones that still stuck around.


Thank you everyone.


Really, thank you from the deepest core of my heart and soul.


May 2017 be a whole new experiences, and chances to build memories together.