The day which I usually don’t look forward to has come. This year, it’s something different. I was actually looking forward to my birthday, maybe because I don’t really get much celebrations, usually just a dinner with family.
This year was something different.
I got an early birthday present – a complete set of Harry Potter books! I know I’m finally 20 and Harry Potter may seem as something too old for me (?) but seriously, I do want the complete set and I GOT IT AS A PRESENT 🎁💘

Wishes on Facebook has gotten lesser as I grew older, people who used to wished me birthday don’t do it anymore. But to me, it doesn’t really matter whether you wished me birthday or not, it’s the daily treatment I receive from these people, the people around me, the people close to me. I wouldn’t want to feel special just because it’s my birthday, I want to feel special every day, for example, I’m glad I have friends that treated me well every day. I wouldn’t want a ‘friend’ that only treats me nice on my birthday, right? Get what I mean? Haha

Though my birthday month this year hasn’t been the greatest, well, we all can’t ask for too much right?

My birthday this year, is the first time I ever celebrated with someone out of the family circle on the day itself. (Get it?) It’s not that I never celebrated with friends, but I had never celebrated my birthday on the day itself with my friends.

This year, I celebrated with my colleagues. It was a surprise to them, which later, became a surprise to me. We went to Pavilion for lunch, and one of the colleagues asked, “What day is it today to go to fancy places for lunch? Who’s birthday is it?”

And that’s how the cat got out of the bag. Jillian was like, “It’s Tiffany’s birthday!!”

Adam, Roger, everyone was surprised. And they went to get me a small cake like awwww🙈 I got shy heh

It was amazing. I felt really special. No wonder people wanted to throw parties on their birthdays hehe.

Thank you 💙

That night I went to Pyramid to meet my parents. I thought I was going to have a birthday dinner with my parents but it turns out its only with my mom. Dad was in pyramid as well but he’s there for work and mom followed to celebrate my birthday. Even though there is a prick between my dad and I, on this day, I still wished it could have been a nice dinner together. Mom and I had Sushi King because we can’t decide what to have haha and its still great anyway. The conversation flowed smoothly about work and studies, halfway through dinner, my brother called.

The thing about my bro and I is that we are kinda awkward for some reason. We just don’t click. We have personalities and taste so opposite that everything we do, it just clashes. Opinions, faves, choices, decisions… Anyway, he wished me birthday and we chit chatted a little. While mom was constantly asking me to talk nicely 👅

My birthday celebration went on with my roommate and her friend, which is also my friend. They got me two slices of cakes!! And it tasted so goooood😍 The next day, roomie has to go home and that left me all alone in my hostel unit.

NeeKee treated me over dinner at Chilli’s with other friends. I ordered quesedilla and ended up sick for the entire weekend. Probably because of too much diary. But still, thank you 🙈 I missed her a lot since she studied in UK, and I legit can’t wait to see her again. It’s like she’s all grown up yet she’s still the NeeKee I know 😜

So that was pretty much how my birthday was celebrated. My presents were love and care, the small things they remembered, the little things they do… I’m contented.
Thank you everyone😭