Examples of #studyblr. These are the things that kept me motivated while I study for finals.

Scrolling and following loads of studyblr Tumblr blogs also motivated me to upload some photos of my own handwritten notes, but also, I’d became a little bit too obsessed with nice pens, colors, markers, midliners, #bulletjournals….

Oh no.


I can foresee myself bankrupt in the future.


But of course, thanks to bae, I had only spent RM5 on 3 markers (its a good deal, but-) which I’m really fond of when I saw them in Yubiso. So after testing the colors and choosing the ones I liked, I happily used in on my journal.

That later on, I realized, that the reason why these markers are cheap is because it bleed through all the papers and notes. But I can’t complain right, I bought them in a really cheap deal. I could’ve invest myself in only one nice midliner from Zebra, which cost RM5.25 for one midliner. That’s why I was really reluctant to buy it (the colors are really damn pretty).

Damn it, I should have consider buying Zebra ><

Oh, and I’d also spammed followed plenty of #studygram accounts on Instagram, which further fuelled my stationaries obsession. I’d always have a rather big obsession on stationaries, notebooks, fancy tapes and papers since I was young, which also explained one of the reasons why I constantly go to the bookstore in whichever shopping mall I go. Basically, all these accounts that are part of the #studyingcommunity both on Tumblr and Instagram gave me a lot of reasons to fall into the deep, deep well of my obsession.

Seriously, you guys can go check them out. Their journals and notes, handwritings, pens, midliners, stationary collection, notebook collection… they’re all something I would love to have. Of course, on the surface they seem to be #studygoals, but at the end of the day, if you’re only concentrating on making nice, pretty, neat notes, instead of actually reading them later on, and also using most of your study time invested on these well organized notes, it wouldn’t make a difference on your already-terrible-exam-results. So, guys, writing notes have to be neat, because messy notes won’t motivate you to go back and read them. Neat notes are important, but it’s much more important to also read them from time to time to refresh your memory and learning.

With that said,

I got back my Corporate Finance Test 2 paper. And it’s really depressing because calculation is not, and never have been my thing. My score was below average and I admit, it demotivated me a lot. There was plenty of mistakes and I actually can’t believe I used the wrong formula for one question and lost like 5 marks?! Ugh.


Anyway, I promise I will upload some of my studyblr feeds once a while, or maybe all the time haha depends on my mood 🙂

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