Never knew that one day I would go out of my comfort zone and take photos for a private event. It all begins a few months back when my high school bestie asked me if I’m okay of taking photo of her orchestra event. She has always been into orchestra ever since in high school and to continue that passion even until university, I think this is a rather great accomplishment in her life.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I’ll be free on the day of event itself. I wasn’t even confident of my own photography actually, not yet to the point where I will upload my photos to a third party and have them to use my photos as their memories of such events. Nope. It never crossed my mind that I can ever be good enough to be THE photographer. But her invitation to be THE photographer was quite of a “too-good-to-be-true” thing. I admit, I did thought I might be called off as the photographer for the event if they found someone else better than me, and I wouldn’t feel sore of it cos’ let’s be real.

Then, days and weeks passed, I totally forgotten about this event actually until CY decided to messaged me a reminder. And I’m like, omg. really. yeah okay, cool, i’ll be there on Saturday for the event. And on Friday itself, I received an email from my dear lecturer saying there is a test on the upcoming Monday. I thought of FFK-ing, because I need to study. But at the same time, I don’t want to let her down and put her in a bad light. I didn’t want to miss out this opportunity too, I mean, this could be my first stepping stone to something. So, on that Saturday, bae brought me to Taylor’s Lakeside to cover the event, #TUSO2016.

At first, it was a bit scary, because I know no one there (but suddenly another high school mate popped out in front of me with food so yeah ._.) and CY wasn’t there but at least I have mah bae. Hehe. But when CY is back in the venue, she introduced me to another photographer, I forgotten his name but damn, he really got those cool accessories all in his bagpack. Honestly, I felt shook up from that. Typical mindset: Good accessories = professional photographers. Which of course, this mindset isn’t necessarily correct nor true. We separated ways anyway to take photos of our liking. I took some behind the scenes shots, and because of my position as a subcomittee of the editorial board in uni which I often have to cover events as a photographer, I did some documentary photos that doesn’t really have much artistry effect in it. But I guess, the past events in uni which I covered did help me out a lot this time. Those low-light, dim situations during an orchestra was really a challenge; but I think I managed to pull out some nice photos.

dsc03344  dsc03963  dsc04076 dsc03946dsc03994 Here are some of the shots I’d taken, both documentary purposes and artistic purposes.

dsc03411 dsc03418

I even had a short chance to photoshoot the bae and her watch. Hehe.


That’s CY performing the clarinet with her friends. I’m planning to upload this photo on my photography Instagram in a few days. I hope she likes it. But at the same time, it’s an appreciation from me to her for giving me this a blessing in disguise opportunity to go out of my boundaries.

Even though I didn’t manage to filter and edit all the photos in time as promised to her (I feel bad), but CY messaged me saying she loved the photos really much. The simple compliments made my day, and bae, as usual, was proud of me for it. Hehe.


Naww. I’m still feeling flattered hahaha.

Cheers to more stepping out for new experiences!