Right, for the past month since the semester started I was really busy (and also stressed my hair off) with MUSA election. It’s full of politics, people talk behind people’s back. Unhappiness and unsatisfying results.

Anyway, it all started when V (my friend) approached me and asked me to join her team (we gonna call it Team G) as part of the editorial team. When I joined, there were already two other girls, and I agreed anyways. So there begin the journey towards being the next Editorial Department of MUSA.

We had to prepare our manifesto and policy speeches, and we met up to discuss our next member as well as preparing for answers for any possible questions during the speech. I remember that we didn’t have any heated discussions, but everyone’s face wasn’t exactly the best during the discussion. I tried to get a friend in but because she is a diploma student, she can’t. I remember having Team G’s Vice President accompanying me to the Election Committee’s office because I wanted to make things happen. I want a true, solid reason of why my friend can’t make it into the team just because she is a diploma student. Halfway through the repeated explanation with hardly any facts, I gave up trying and pretty much concluded that the EC this year are crazy.  Then, a new rule came out. Candidates with below 60 WAM are not allowed to contest, and I remembered a few including the contesting President of Team G has to drop out.

The search for a new member went on and thanks to a friend in the team, which later he changed to Team R, we managed to recruit Calvin, probably the best person to be friends with. We sat down together one day and talked about our manifesto and explaining to him about things around MUSA and Editorial Department and what subcoms like me does. I remember in this meeting, one of us (I won’t specify), took a strong stand that we must win this election because she didn’t like losing. Which, obviously, no one in this world want to lose in a competition. It was a bit awkward, but after some politics, she dropped out of the team.

I remembered being devastated because I had to go through the pain of finding and recruiting potential people into the team. Another one of us, decided to change her portfolio and moved up to Treasurers, which kinda made things worse. And that’s when I suggested to my friend, V. Why not we merge with Team R. It’s selfish, but I heard that the opponent team were having a tough time looking for people as well. Since they have 2 people already, plus my team another 2 people, we cool. We can win uncontested.

After some heated discussions and stressful moments, we had a deal. In fact, the whole Team G and Team R had a deal to merge candidates position and make this election as peaceful as possible. Team R’s President, both of Team G’s Vice Presidents, and other positions such as School reps, treasurers, etc would win uncontested. But, the deal broke. And Team G has a new President.

As 3 weeks of campaigning passes by, everyone begin to be nervous on who will be the next MUSA? Team R consisted a few people who are currently subcoms, like me, with their wide contacts, they were at first confident of winning. But Team G came out strong too. The candidates were skipping class to campaign and make themselves out there. As the campaigning week slowly comes to an end, everyone got nervous and campaigned harder as the confidence on their networks slowly faded.

Then, it’s Friday. The day the results of the polling is announced. It was nerve-wrecking. The EC took their time to announce the results because they are crazy. Team R won most of the positions, while the uncontested positions are secured. And to my biggest disappointment was Team R contesting President lost the votes.

I remembered seeing his eyes watery while his girlfriend gave him a tight hug. I was very unhappy. As Calvin was fine on whoever the president, I wasn’t entirely open-minded about it. Though someone told me to calm down and give the new President a chance. I said yeah, I will.

Since the results are out, I believe I should really give the new President a chance. He is up there for a reason. There must be some form of leadership skills he possessed. Let’s see how it goes next year 🙂