Just the beginning of Week 4 of my third semester in Monash University, I honestly have no idea what had I done. 

Besides joining the election and running for the editorial ;besides being the house captain for Manticore’s girls team; I’m not entirely sure of what I had learnt in class, especially Commercial Banking. 

I am constantly losing concentration in lecture especially for Commercial Banking unit, not because it’s a boring topic but you know, probably a typical university students’ excuses. Since I’m currently in lecture now, and I’m already lost as usual: 

(1) Unclear pronounciations

Maybe I have listening issues, or whatever, but seriously I can’t seem to grasp 80% of what he was saying all the time. He looks at his screen monitor and talks. Nothing wrong with that, really. But the issue here is his pronounciation. He mentioned he is from the U. S. And hence, his accent. Unclear pronounciations and murmuring “accent” is really a killer to the students. Besides paying to be in class, we are paying to not understand. 

(2) Slides that are overly packed and not understandable. 

Sometimes, a lecturer design his/her slides packed and full of information to help the students. 

65% of the slides consists of modals, charts and charts. 

Slides like this, what are the key words/points? We have plenty of slides like these. I thought slides are about key terms and points necessary to understand. Asking the students to read the prescribed textbook is fine and of course it’s the student’s job to read it. But it is also the lecturer’s job to properly explain the modal and flow of the content. Most of the time we don’t even know why we are learning about a certain topic and often we got confused to the topic we are learning because the poor flow of content. Topics jumped from middle to front and next thing the students know, the lecturer is almost like mumbling about something. 

Which brings to my next point, 

(3) Reluctance in explaining. 

The older generation i.e. Generation X, would most probably say, Hey, it’s the student’s job to ensure they understand what they’re learning. 

Yes they have a point. But what if you’re PAID to explain and teach? Students are here, ready with whatever materials like lecture slides, notes and pens, sitting in the designated venue to learn. And what we receive is more questions unanswered? 

Self-learning is important. Self-learning the entire unit is terrible. Then why should we go to a private university, pay RM105k for 3 years to obtain a certificate which we don’t understand how we even get it in the first place. What if we use this amount of money to go for other universities that may not offer a “valuable” certificate of degree, but rather, valuable knowledge which is actually, in the future, graduates can recommend during work? 

Who’s at loss? 

Of course, students will be unhappy for their money spent unworthy. 
So anyway, I’m not implying that Monash University is a terrible place to study in. This post is pretty much my opinion in Comm Bank unit which is a core unit in majoring Finance. When it comes to doing our SETU survey on lecturers, he won’t get a satisfactory from me. Maybe 4/10? You may say that I have a high expectation. Dear reader, Monash University has quite a reputation and with that name, it would be highly suggested to have good lecturers.