I felt like a betrayer.

I’d been using Blogger ever since I begin my first blog which is, 13…? And then I deleted it because I can’t stand the things I’m writing. I’m pretty sure 5 years later when I read this back I’m going to smack myself in the face. So, after that, I begin my second blog, calling it “Perfect Sunset Happy Ending”, which later through the years, I changed my URL to “callmetiffany”. And now, creating a personal account on WordPress is my third blog, calling “Sunsets n Happiness”.

Talking about creativity.

Anyway, recently I’d decided to grab my final chance to try and run for the Editorial Board of Monash University Student Council (MUSA). Well, after quite a number of politics and hoo-ha, I finally got myself a team of 4 to run for the election. I’ll talk about this in another post, anyway, the reason of change is because,

(1) Running as the primary admin of 2NE1 Malaysia on Twitter got me very busy and I often think of ways to get this fanbase out there to both locally and overseas. It hasn’t been easy. Many fansites from other countries or worldwide fansite accounts have their own website and they use WordPress. So I thought, hey why not. Hence, this isn’t my first time experiencing how WordPress go.

(2) One of the new candidates that had agreed to run the election with me as an editor has a WordPress blog and it really sparked something in me. Like, why not create a WordPress for myself. Seeing reason 1 and how I prefer the interface of WordPress compared to Blogger, I had a feeling to change.

So, I went to my bae and asked her if I should change. She said yes.

Her opinions matter a lot and so, here am I.

This is the link to my previous blog on Blogspot: http://callmetiffany.blogspot.my/